The ultimate 360° immersive experience

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The ultimate 360° immersive experience


Circulux is an immersive light installation that delivers an intense 360-degree hyperreality experience. Over 5,000 lights are able to display live or pre-generated data and videos. Custom designed semi-transparent LED modules are placed in a cylindrical rig to display visuals along with audio and special effects. Because the LED modules are semi-transparent the effect is visible from both in- and outside the installation. This results in an augmented reality experience, that does not lose its connection with the outside world. Circulux can be used for immersive storytelling, gaming and entertainment purposes. Content can be fully customizable to ensure it will be an absolute eye-catcher for every event.

Photo & video


Right now!

TEC ART 2020

WORM, Rotterdam
6-10 February 2020


You’ve missed

Media Art Festival Friesland

Snekertrekweg 1, Leeuwarden
22 November – 8 December 2019

Dutch Design Week

Strijp-S, Eindhoven
19 October – 27 October 2019


Nederlands Film Festival

Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht
29 September – 04 October 2019



Art Festival, Enschede
August 2019


AKI Finals

Graduates expo, Enschede
July 2019


ADCN – The year of the monkey!

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

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🎆This photo flawlessly captures the enchanting light- and sound installation “Circulux”. 🚦The cabin, on display at @_manifestations during #DDW19, took visitors on a sensory trip. 😲 #Repost @andyhendrata 

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